Speech Recognition – Startups to watch

Reading an article on Business2.0 this month, I ran across an interesting article that talked about 25 startups leading the Web 2.0 revolution.

There was one in particular that caught my eye since it shows an innovative use of Speech Recognition technologies.

The name of the company is Simulscribe and what they do is offer an effective way to convert voice-mail into scannable text. SimulScribe transcribes voice-mail messages and shoots them to your mobile device as text or e-mail messages. Targeting corporate customers, SimulScribe will integrate the service into company voicemail systems. Founded in 2003, they already have 5,000 users and offer a plan called “Simul40” where you basically get 40 voice-mail messages to text conversions for $9.95

Furthermore, there’s another company out there called Spinvox which does a very similar thing – or as they call it, “Voice-to-screen messaging” – which is free and available in multiple languages! (without some bells and whistles such as voice mail management through any web browser)

Now if they could only find a way to process the message to extract what’s really important and get to the point 🙂

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